Superbowl’s     Old     Spice     Model     Callie     Cameron Unveils Hit TV series “Breaking Good” Adventurous   and   hilariously   entertaining,   Cameron   travels   the   globe   on a   quest   to   study   ancient   wellness   techniques   and   discover   why   some cultures live longer than others. New   York,   NY,   February   4,   2016-   Certified   nutritionist   and   fitness   expert Callie    Cameron     creates    and    hosts    “Breaking    Good” ,    a    TV    series    that follows   Cameron   around   the   globe   as   she   searches   for   answers   that   relate to    a    cultures    nutrition,    fitness,    and    overall    wellbeing.        The    wildly entertaining   Cameron   takes   on   a   new   adventure   each   episode   as   she   and her    health    guru,    Jem     Welsh,     CNS,     CPT,     search    for    new    wellness techniques   that   have   been   used   from   the   past   of   that   region   and   how   it can be used in our everyday lives.   The   inspirational   series   will   take   you   on   a   trip   to   discover   new   ways   of living   and   give   you   a   deeper   understanding   of   how   to   live   your   life   to   the fullest   through   nutrition   and   fitness.      Cameron   and   Welsh   will   leave   you wanting    so    much    as    they    approach    two    different    ways    of    research, Shredder     book     worming     his     way     through     education     and     Callie experiencing the field head on.
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