Callie’s   journey   began   10   years   ago   when   she   started   modeling.   Staying   fit   just   came   with   the   territory. Callie   has   been   the   face   for   numerous   national   advertising   campaigns,   first   gaining   notoriety   as   the Old   Spice   girl   from   a   Super   Bowl   spot,   which   creatively   teamed   up   Chris   Applebaum (director    of    Britney    Spears    music    videos)    and    Robin    Antin    (Pussycat    Dolls creator/choreographer).   Her   talent   also   caught   the   media's   attention,   appearing   on " EXTRA ,"   in   Maxim    Magazine,   named   "#1   on   the   Hit   List "    for   Stuff   Magazine,   and GQ    Magazine   featured   her   as   'One   of   the   Sexiest   Women   in   the   World' .   She   went on    to    take    part    in    Self    Magazines    Fitness    Challenge,    Olympic    Gold    Medalist Michael Phelps Speedo  Campaign, and Champion Athletics  to name a few. Miss   Cameron   has   always   had   a   passion   for   nutrition   and   fitness.   That’s   when   she began   working   out   with   Grace   Lazenby,   The   creator   of   ‘Rockin   Models;    workout. Her   method   includes   yoga,   ballet   and   burlesque.   She   was   voted   the   number   one   model   workout   in   Los Angeles.      Her   work   inspired   Miss   Cameron.   Working   in   an   industry   that   constantly   critiques   your   body and    weight,    Callie    began    to    ask    herself,    How    do    you    meet    the    industry demands,    stay    thin    AND    healthy?    How    does    one    find    balance?’    Through continued    research,    she    realized    muscle    mass    creates    muscle    metabolism which   is   a   more   efficient   way   to   workout   if   you   want   to   change   your   body. Miss    Cameron    decided    to    learn    from    the    best     IFBB    Pros     in    the    industry through a program called PROPTA . She   currently   resides   in   New   York   City.   She   was   most   recently   a   featured nutritionist   in   REDBOOK    magazine.   Miss   Cameron   believes   it   all   starts   with   a healthy   lifestyle   and   most   importantly   balance.   It’s   always   fallen   parallel   to   her profession, passion for people and her need to help others. She   is   certified   in   Nutrition   and   Personal   Trainer   through PROPTA ,   taught   by   the   best   IFBB   pros   in   the   industry.   Her company   is   called   ‘IT   GIRL’    Fitness.   It   is   a   brand   built   on   self-   confidence   and finding    YOUR    inner    “it    girl’    which    is    catered    to    each    individual.    She    is    an inspiration   to   woman   in   the   entertainment   industry   around   Los   Angeles   and   New York.    Her    6    week    It    Girl    Hollywood     SHRED     program    she    adopted    from    Jem Welsh,    her    good    friend    and    mentor    is    a    whole    body,    whole    foods    nutritional program   catered   to   your   lifestyle.      Jem   Welsh   is   a   seasoned   nutritionist   to   the stars   and   Callie   has   been   his   under   study   for   many   years   due   to   a   natural   curiosity and   passion   for   health.   Together   they   are   spreading   the   word   of   health,   wellness and   wisdom.   They   currently   have   a   TV    show   coming   out,   called   ‘Breaking   Good’ which focuses on preventative health and longevity worldwide.  “Education is power and looking back at history we can change the future.” As   a   Fitness   Instructor   and   Master   Trainer,   Callie’s   methods   include   weight   lifting   for   muscle   mass, plyometrics   for   weight   loss   and   bands   for   smaller   muscle   groups   to   achieve   long   lean   muscle.   She incorporates upbeat house music, sweat, smiles and fun! Her philosophy is…. “It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle. It’s not just a lifestyle it’s a movement. So lets get MOVING!”